Downtown High-Rise Condo

A series of segregated rooms were opened to create an extroverted space radiating style, warmth, and airiness. Bamboo floors enhance the clean lines and create an easy connection between kitchen and living area. This project included a living room, kitchen and bathroom remodel.

Living Area

This spacious living area was born from two smaller rooms, creating a wide band of windows that turns the city skyline into the owner's neighborhood. 

The feel is free-flowing and welcoming. Filled with natural light, this bright, open living area invites you to curl up in the sun and read a book, take a nap, or just simply be.


Streamlined elegance. A gallery kitchen is transformed by new layout, cherry cabinets, composite stone counter, and clear glass tile backsplash. 

Bright, fresh, and airy, wide windows framing the city like artwork, this kitchen beckons you to stay.

Master Bathroom

A Euro-style shower and blue marble floor tiles lend soothing serenity to the new master bath.